Mindset SPARK ⚡️ Mental Fitness Academy

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Mindset SPARK

Mental Fitness Academy

This 5-week Academy leads you through a therapeutic journey 

utilizing my SPARK curriculum and personalized coaching techniques to move you from baseline to goal line.


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Mindset SPARK

Mental Fitness Academy

Mental fitness is maintaining a state of well-being, our awareness of how we think, do, feel and act. It’s learning how to rewire negative patterns to experience positive results. 


The whole reason behind SPARK is to help individuals achieve their desired goals in a structured step-by-step method. This helps reduce feelings of overwhelm and increase success.  


The SPARK coaching curriculum focuses on:

Rewire limiting mindset

Rebuild your confidence

 Regain your personal power 


Mindset SPARK Topics:   

S - Simplify Your Why           

P - Purpose For Life              

A - Action Plan for Success 

R - Regain Confidence          

K - Knowledge Is Growth     


Mindset Fitness Academy Details:

5 weeks (35 Days)

Weekly 1:1 Personalized Coaching Sessions 

Therapeutic Exercises & Strategy Workbook

Daily WhatsAPP Support


Are you ready to achieve greatness?


  • Private Coaching

    My signature coaching method helps clarify your desires by creating an action plan for success. Achieving your desires starts with patience and celebrating the little wins.

  • SPARK Curriculum

    SPARK was created to help guide clients from feelings of frustration, anxiety and fear to a confident powerhouse taking the steps towards achieving their desires. 

  • WhatsAPP Support

    WhatsApp allows direct communication on a private & secure network, so you can easily ask questions, seek advice and process feelings in minutes. 

  • Exercises & Workbook

    The SPARK curriculum is created with personalized coaching, a guided workbook and therapeutic exercises to help move you through each stage with ease. 

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Mindset SPARK⚡️Mental Fitness Academy

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Who is Jennie?

As a Personal Growth Coach

together we rewire negative mindset,

rebuild confidence, and regain your

personal power.




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