Personal Growth Masterclass

Personal growth is the positive improvement of our abilities, knowledge, habits, behavior, and personal qualities.

Continuous engagement in personal growth allows you to reach your full potential,

be your best self and live the most successful life you desire.


Personal growth is the basic foundation of your emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual health.


It's time to take action because the possibilities are endless. 


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Masterclass Details

Over the course of 3 videos,

Jennie will guide you through a journey to uncover how:


🔹 Limiting beliefs block your success

🔹 Move from Fixed to Growth mindset 

🔹 Create healthy and lasting routines


This masterclass is one of a kind.

It's real, raw and honest facts about personal growth.


Let's Get Started

Masterclass Lesson Plan

  • Video One


    • Welcome & Introduction
    • What are limiting beliefs?
    • Where do they come from?
    • How they influence us?
    • How they hold us back? 


  • Video Two


    • Where beliefs come from?
    • Reprogram the Brain 
    • Fixed /vs/ Growth Mindset
    • 3 Steps to Growth Mindset
  • Video Three


    • Personal Growth Hacks
    • Creating health routines
    • Breaking Bad Habits
    • Making Habits Stick



Jennie has such infectious energy that I look forward to our calls and texts. She coaches with such passion and being in her presence is comforting.


I learned so much about mindset, health, wellness and my viewpoint on life is completely different.


Thank you!





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Who is Jennie?

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