It's Time to Embrace The Amazing Person

 You Were Created To Be


A coach is someone who has the expertise to teach and motivate,

but a mentor has a level of success and expertise far beyond your expectations. 

I am a perfect balance of both!


For me mentoring is being able to help my clients rewire their thinking, create coping strategies and feel more confident. It's called Mindset Makeovers!


Participating in therapeutic mentoring is created to be supportive but full of strategy.

This style of mentoring isn't transactional, but rather full of conversation,

laughter and lots of energy!


Not sure if mentoring is the best option for you?

Not a problem, fill out an application below and let's start from there.

One Private Session

90 Minute Intensive


Need that quick hit of inspiration?

Then this is the perfect option for you.


Before our session you will have the opportunity to complete a questionnaire prior to our meeting. This will provide an in depth view of what's on your mind, what's not working and how I can assist you!


This information allows us to dive right in and go deep on one specific pain point. You'll walk away

feeling more encouraged and empowered!


Investment: $225

Once payment is received,

just follow the prompts at checkout. 


I'm excited to connect - Let the adventure to begin!


3 Months Private Mentoring

VIP Private Mentoring

Every 2 weeks we will connect to talk about you,

current roadblocks, your progress and

how your inner badass is feeling.


In our sessions, I'm going to challenge you so we can uncover the roots of your limiting beliefs, rewire negative mindset, empower your inner confident self all while giving you the accountability you need to succeed.


I'm not going to lie, it may feel uncomfortable, but staying in your comfort zone hasn't served well so far.


Voxer Messenger Access:

Have a quick question, feeling down and need support  I’m just a message away.

Voxer messenger is benefit of VIP Mentoring Package!


3 Month Commitment

Payment Plans Available

Jennie has helped me to see my full potential. My entire mindset had shifted since we’ve been working together! She encourages me to put myself first and to celebrate my everyday accomplishments no matter how big or small. She’s taught me how to feel strong and be more active! I’m forever grateful for this beautiful connection and WISH

I had found her sooner!




Nutrition & Reiki Master

Jennie has such infectious energy that I look forward to our calls and texts. She coaches with such passion and being in her presence is comforting.


I learned so much about mindset, health, wellness and my viewpoint on life is completely different.


Thank you!





Wife, Busy Mother of 3

Jennie, my son and I were listening to just the first two episodes of your podcast. It was very informative for me. My son has special medical needs, one being that he is visually impaired. The way you described what you can see from your right eye helped me understand better what things may look like in the world for him. That’s something I’ve never really understood until today. I thank you for that! We will continue listening and learning from you.


Mother of Adaptive Son

Who is Jennie?

As an Athlete, Confidence Builder

and Mindset Mentor, 

Together we rewire negative mindset,

rebuild confidence, and regain your inner badass.




Because You Deserve It


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