Everyday we are learning new things and how we utilize these skills creates our destiny. 


Do we continue to hustle and spend countless hours working  towards goals or do we find a soulful balance between work, life and adulting?


After years of experience I have learned having a balance between work and personal creates

happier people, better relationships and clearer mindsets.


In this VIP Monthly Membership we work from the foundation on up by

rewiring mindset and taking uncomfortable actions to achieve your goals.  


This beautiful mentoring container allows for continuous growth on your 

self improvement with each months topic working off each other. We are consistently evolving. 


Have no doubt we talk about serious topics but we have fun and laugh a lot!

This makes for building positive accountability relationships with each other.

THE MENTORSHIP is here to elevate your skills &

create the next level version you desire to be.


With over 25 years of experience,

Jennie brings expertise, knowledge, and lots of laughter to the table. 


Learn from someone that lives the journey,

and teaches the lessons for faster growth!



    Weekly strategy building and mindset masterclasses.


    Guest speakers will regularly be part of your membership, topics focus on a specific mindset and empowerment practices.



    Interactive workbooks, audios and other resources will be release on weekly. 


    Group engagement and repetition will help anchor in newly learned skills.




    A private Facebook Group is where all the action happens. 


    Log-in to your VIP Dashboard and review any lessons you missed, used the chat forum or schedule private meetings. 




Tell me more?

VIP Monthly Mentorship will include:



Personalized Membership Dashboard

(See videos, download workbooks, exercises, forum, & VIP Vault)



Monday LIVE weekly meeting(s)



Monthly Guest Speakers



Bolts of Knowledge posted on

Wednesday & Friday


Interaction often with community members for those inspirational & motivational vibes 



Weekly coaching threads to "Ask Jennie"

your best questions 



Chances to win 1:1 Hot Seat Coaching,

prizes and/or coaching upgrades



Access to Jennie's Knowledge Vault:

Which including past masterminds, paid programs and additional resources.



Monthly Challenges...and SO MUCH MORE!



Monthly Price:  $55

Quarterly Price: $160

**Payment scheduled until canceled via email notification to**


Ready To Embrace Your Confident Badass?

🦹🏼 ⚡️ 🦹🏼‍♂️ 


Why a mentorship?

Many people want to work with a mentor but are afraid to take it to the next level. This is a great way to get to know Jennie, her coaching style and how she leads a group of like minded individuals

towards their goals. Learn from my past experience and excel in your personal development.


How often will there be new content?

All the time, I love going live! Dropping "Lighting Bolts of Knowledge" is what I do best!


When will the live sessions be?

LIVE sessions will be held in THE MENTORSHIP facebook group and guest speakers will

be held via zoom.


How long will I be able to see all the information?

As long as you are an active paying member, you will have access to all the videos

and content posted in the Facebook group.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Please remember, once you cancel your access to the content immediately discontinued.


I didn't have time to make the calls, can I get a refund?

There are not refunds as per the billing terms, but materials will be left in the Facebook page for you to review at your leisure. Even if you don't log on for a month, the responsibility is on you to consume the information provided. 


How often am I billed?

You will be charged monthly ($55 monthly or $160 quarterly) until you email Jennie at "" with notice of cancelation.

Account will be deactivated within 24 hours. 


Will you guarantee this membership will change me?

I would love to say yes, but you are the only one in control of your personal development journey. I honestly believe if you continue to work on the lessons, stay active with the group, and embrace life with more of positive attitude - you will notice a difference in your success.  


What is my time investment?

That's up to you! I would suggest at least 30 minutes a day for journaling or meditation, engaging in physical exercise at least 3x per week and about an hour a week to review material. How much effort you put into your personal growth is how much you will get out. 


I am visually impaired and/or requesting different arrangements, how can you help me?

If you need alternate arrangement please contact Jennie at 

Jennie has helped me to see my full potential. My entire mindset had shifted since we’ve been working together! She encourages me to put myself first and to celebrate my everyday accomplishments no matter how big or small.


She’s taught me how to mentally feel strong and be more active! I’m forever grateful for this beautiful connection and WISH I had found her sooner!



Nutrition & Reiki Master

Jennie has such infectious energy, I look forward to her calls and texts. She coaches with such passion, drive and experience, just being in her presence is comforting.


I learned so much about my mindset, health, wellness and making simple tweeks change my life completely. 


Thank you Jennie!




Wife, Busy Mother of 3

Jennie, my son and I were listening to just the first two episodes of your podcast. It was very informative for me. My son has special medical needs, one being that he is visually impaired. The way you described what you can see from your right eye helped me understand better what things may look like in the world for him. That’s something I’ve never really understood until today. I thank you for that! We will continue listening and learning from you.


Mother of Adaptive Son

Who is Jennie?

As an Athlete, Confidence Builder

and Mindset Mentor, 

Together we rewire negative mindset,

rebuild confidence, and regain your inner badass.




Because You Deserve It


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